Who We Are

The Hawaii Healthcare Project is a public-private partnership between the Office of the Governor and Hawaii’s healthcare industry—including health plans, hospitals, providers and other stakeholders affected by the healthcare system. It aims to engage parties in identifying strategies that will result in a significant, positive change in how we deliver and pay for health care, use information for improvement, and shape public policy and programs to support these changes.  The Hawaii Institute for Public Affairs is providing technical support for this endeavor.  

As part of Phase 1, priorities for system change were identified.  Phase 2 will build upon those priorities to develop an implementation plan for comprehensive healthcare transformation, aided by a recent award from the federal Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) planning grant. 

To ensure Hawaii residents have access to high quality care and insurance coverage in a seamless and economically sustainable healthcare system.

Guiding Principles
We measure our priorities for healthcare transformation against the “triple aim”:

  • Will they increase quality?
  • Will they result in improved health?
  • Will they increase the economic value and affordability of care?


  • Do they address the needs of the whole state, including access to care in rural and isolated areas with limited healthcare resources?
  • Do they support Hawaii’s unique cultures and geography?

To identify the goals, tactics, and structures that will improve health and transform healthcare in Hawaii now and in the future.

Changing the way we deliver healthcare

“The Hawaii Healthcare Project is targeting strategies for significant, positive change in delivering and paying for healthcare in Hawaii. These strategies will be supported by the power of information technology and data analysis to achieve continuous improvement and determine how public policy and programs can be shaped to support these changes.”

Beth Giesting

Healthcare Transformation Coordinator, Office of the Governor

Beth Giesting